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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Umm I am not Sean Penn

Who would think that the Yankees division winner could come upon the shoulder of the guy who problem has his name confused quite often. Sean Henn is the man of the hour for the pinstripers tonight. It is something to see he has a 1-0 lead in the fourth inning considering seemingly every Yankee under the sun has the day off. I guess the reality of it is that my favorite trait of the 2006 Yankees is on display tonight. Depth. It is amazing to look and see the numbers that guys like Melky, Scott Proctor, and Brian Bruney (I know I have dogged him in the past but I reserve the right to change my mind) have put up this year. I guess if all else fails maybe Boof Bonser to come through if the backing in method is needed to clinch the division. I hope that Derek, Johnny, and Jorge enjoy the night off they deserve it. Tonight will be the clincher one way or another.


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