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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Maria NO!!!!!!

Ouch the injury to Rivera really hurts. One can only hope that it is something that he is being shutdown for because of the large leads the Bombers have over the Sox. Boy the thought of Kyle Farnsworth closing games just sounds horrifying before it even happens. Although I guess that it is better to have him close and keeping Proctor in the setup role in which he has both been comfortable and succeeded. It is only a couple of days anyway at least all Yankee fans hope so anyway. I would guess that if the Yankees can keep breathing room between themselves and the Sox then Rivera will probably have more time off. It would be better to have him healthy for the postseason anyway. The loss today was softened by the Sox loss to the Jays. One thing that is kind of scary with the local Boys in Blue coming up this week is that they have gone 12-6 against playoff contenders in their last 18 including, of course the three game sweep of the Sox. Hopefully they can lend a helping hand and roll over this coming week.


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