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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Ok I am really showing my age in my title of this posting. I don't think Ren and Stimpy have been around for years have they? Oh well, it is appropriate to express joy of joys on this the day in which the Red Sox were eliminated. I know that they have been dead in the water for weeks now but it is great that they are OFFICIALLY gone. For that matter, I am also happy the other sox are just about done. I can't stand Ozzie. He is an Ass. I do think that Leyland is a class guy so I would be more than happy for him if he can win the division for the Tiggers. On second thought, I believe if the season were to end today the Bombers would get the wild card winner in the first round and I would much rather have the Tigers instead of facing the Twins rotation. Let the Twins and the A's beat each other up. I like our chances against the Twins in a longer series than I shorter one because of our depth. Well I hope that everyone had a great first full day of fall. I had a super one with getting a screen door on the sliding doors along with some other things that I been meaning to get accomplished. I need everyone to think positive thoughts for me as I am about to enter the world of a college science midterm. Yikes!!!! I am way too old to be doing this kind of crap. Anyways, a big Go Big Blue to the G-men tomorrow!


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