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Friday, August 11, 2006

To my legions of fans.....

Ok it is more like people who have stumbled upon my blog. It was a tough night for the Pinstripers tonight. A bit concerning that they have now lost three of four but at least the good guys are still in first place. Damn Baltimore couldn't offer any help. I really can't believe that football season is here already as well. I haven't checked the score on the Giants game tonight since I will be watching the tape delayed broadcast on NFL network at noon CST. It will be great to see how some of the first teamers look. I think that another season under Eli's belt and having worked with his receivers for a full year will lead to some great results for him this season. The opener featuring the Manning showdown is sure to be a doozy. Well here is to hoping for better results tomorrow for the Bombers.


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