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Monday, July 31, 2006

Forget publication predictions. Giants will win the East

It has come to my attention lately as I have looked through the various football yearbooks this summer that the pundits are not very bright. The Giants, who just happened to have finished first last year, have done nothing but improve themselves. In spite of bringing in Moss through the draft in addition to the free agent signings of Lavar Arrington plus R.W. McQuarters, Will Demps, and Sam Madison pundits still have them predicted from second place to last place. I don't understand how the Eagles with their top receiver Reggie Brown, Cowboys with TO but Drew Bledsoe still throwing to him, and the Redskins with Mark Brunell at the helm have made themselves so significantly better to unseat the Giants atop the division. It will be the Giants again this year. Bank on it.


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