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Monday, July 31, 2006

Abreu, Lidle, two needs, one trade

The Yankees were able to fill two needs with one trade and did not have to give up Phillip Hughes to do it. Here a couple of encouraging stats to point to for both players. Lidle has a 3.74 ERA in July and has won four of his last five starts. I don't think that pitching against lefties with the short porch in right will be as big of an issue as some might think. Pitching outside of a big hitter's park in Citizen's park he only gave up 5 home runs in 47 IP's which isn't too shabby. Abreu was hitting at .277 at the time of the trade but he was hitting .288 on the road compared to .267 at home. He should be aided by the short porch in right as well as being able to utilize his speed in the gaps at the stadiu. Also, plan on Abreu being the end of Gary Sheffield's time with the Yankees after this season. This move certainly can't hurt and will provide some real depth when Matsui comes back, perhaps as early as August. Melky would be a nice luxury to have as a fourth outfielder behind Matsui, Damon, and Abreu.


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