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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Ok I am really showing my age in my title of this posting. I don't think Ren and Stimpy have been around for years have they? Oh well, it is appropriate to express joy of joys on this the day in which the Red Sox were eliminated. I know that they have been dead in the water for weeks now but it is great that they are OFFICIALLY gone. For that matter, I am also happy the other sox are just about done. I can't stand Ozzie. He is an Ass. I do think that Leyland is a class guy so I would be more than happy for him if he can win the division for the Tiggers. On second thought, I believe if the season were to end today the Bombers would get the wild card winner in the first round and I would much rather have the Tigers instead of facing the Twins rotation. Let the Twins and the A's beat each other up. I like our chances against the Twins in a longer series than I shorter one because of our depth. Well I hope that everyone had a great first full day of fall. I had a super one with getting a screen door on the sliding doors along with some other things that I been meaning to get accomplished. I need everyone to think positive thoughts for me as I am about to enter the world of a college science midterm. Yikes!!!! I am way too old to be doing this kind of crap. Anyways, a big Go Big Blue to the G-men tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Umm I am not Sean Penn

Who would think that the Yankees division winner could come upon the shoulder of the guy who problem has his name confused quite often. Sean Henn is the man of the hour for the pinstripers tonight. It is something to see he has a 1-0 lead in the fourth inning considering seemingly every Yankee under the sun has the day off. I guess the reality of it is that my favorite trait of the 2006 Yankees is on display tonight. Depth. It is amazing to look and see the numbers that guys like Melky, Scott Proctor, and Brian Bruney (I know I have dogged him in the past but I reserve the right to change my mind) have put up this year. I guess if all else fails maybe Boof Bonser to come through if the backing in method is needed to clinch the division. I hope that Derek, Johnny, and Jorge enjoy the night off they deserve it. Tonight will be the clincher one way or another.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Blue vs. Sea Gulls

The brutal schedule for Big Blue continues this week. I think the time is now for the Giants to turn that corner and start winning with confidence because they deserve to be mentioned in the elite in the NFC. I know that many pundits had figured that the Giants would struggle under the weight of a tough schedule (the toughest schedule to be exact) but the bottom line is that they got that schedule because they were among the best in the NFC last year. This past Sunday was Eli's coming out party with the way he took the reigns and lead the team to a most unexpected victory in overcoming a 17 point deficit. The reality is that the NFC east is still a very weak division and for that reason I think the G-men will be able to repeat as division champs.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm Back......

I am such a blog slacker. I know that it has been ages since my last posting. Life, work, and school have been punishing the last couple of weeks. Especially life, work, and school. Well it is nice to see the Yankees finally get to 3 for the magic number. I really hoped that they would have been able to wrap up the division against the Sox this past weekend but I guess the most important thing right now is for the Bombers to get everybody healthy for the post season. It really doesn't matter anyway since the Sox certainly aren't winning the division and are a long shot at best for the wild card. An older team like the Yanks are in really good shape heading into the post season with a healthy and rested Matsui and Mussina, and possibly Sheffield and Rivera. The last couple of weeks will provide the opportunity for these guys to get some work in and work out the rust before the playoffs start. Well I missed all of you out in blog land and look forward to getting back in the blogging saddle.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

5 Days to kickoff!

The Giants season is just five days away now. The Manning vs. Manning bowl should be a great matchup. The real difference in this game though is going to be Tiki. I know that the elder Manning is a stud but I think that the Giants will be up to the challenge. The running back matchups are more lopsided than the difference between the two mannings. Rhodes is a nice running back but I think that the Colts will sorely miss the Edge this year. He may not have been the back that he once was but he is still more than the Colts other options. Brandon Jacobs really showed unbelievable ability in the last preseason game but it seems like he is making great strides in becoming a more well-rounded back. I think it is crazy that the Giants are 3 to 3 1/2 point underdogs on a Sunday Night and the home opener. The Giants will win never mind getting points.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day!!!!!!!!!

Ah yes it is labor day, or as I like to call it the last Monday Night without football. Hey and even better yet is the fact that we even get a double header next week where we get to see the Redskins and Raiders lose their first game of the year. Yes unfortunately we do still get Tony K. I remember a time when labor day weekend was the kickoff to the football season. Does somebody want to tell Roger that the first thing he should do as the commissioner is push back the start of the season? Today and tonight still belongs to major league baseball. While I am bitching about everything when did ESPN decide not to televise a single baseball game on both the 4th of July and Labor Day? It is just unAmerican. ESPN in the here and now is just about cross-selling Disney and crappy ABC shows (sans Lost) anyways. It is funny to hear people talk about how "they remember when MTV played music videos" well I remember when ESPN was about sports. Does anybody watch SC anymore? It now runs 60 to 90 minutes and now if are lucky you will get 30 minutes of highlights and news. I really don't need to see some lousy/cheesy Stu Scott "gameshowesque" type of Q&A with a player. Oh how I miss the old days of Keith and Dan. I must be getting old. Tonight, the Yankees, Wang's quest for 20 continues. BIG WIN tonight.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


The Yankees have to be pleased with the help that they have been getting in the rotation. The addition of Cory Lidle along with the minor league help offered from Jeff Karstens and now Darrell Rasner has been heavenly. Darell Rasner was fantastic today and was great in his first outing as a reliever for the pinstripers as well. The difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox this year; DEPTH. The magic number is now 18. My prediction is that we will have the division wrapped up on September 16th. It would be sweet to wrap it up at home against the Red Sox. The only thing that would be sweeter is if we can eliminate the Sox from wild card contention in that same weekend. It is nice because the playoff drama is over and we can all enjoy the start of football season without the drama of whether or not the Yanks will be in or not. Go Yankees and Giants!!!!!!!!!